Engagement in service allows me to become more involved in the UTC community at a departmental, college and institutional level. Service to my profession and city provides an opportunity for me to support the research of my colleagues, translate and share my research with the public, and moreover, to develop my acumen surrounding the knowledge needs of the community. When choosing the appropriate ways to serve I consider how my role will be mutually beneficial to the organization as well as my own research and teaching.     

Departmental Service

Curriculum Development:  Along with five other colleagues, I participated in the redesign of the Department of Psychology's undergraduate curriculum. Together we reviewed all existing psychology courses, revised several courses and submitted the appropriate curriculum proposals, and developed new curriculum proposals to ensure that our course progression coincides with APA recommendations.  As a result of our work, undergraduate students at UTC can use the new check list and clear path documents to work toward a 4 year graduation.   

Scheduling:  To ensure that our actual course offerings meet the needs of our undergraduate and graduate students, particularly considering the newly designed curriculum, I also serve as a member of the scheduling committee.  Our charge is to examine each semesters' schedule, make recommendations regarding course offerings and faculty coverage, and to investigate how forthcoming changes to UTC's workload policy may impact our teaching loads.

Development of PSY 1010 Online:  I worked with Professor Libby Byers and Dr. Svetlana Chesser to develop a fully online section of our introductory course, Introduction to Psychology.  This process involved a variety of adaptations to the face-to-face sections of PSY 1010.  These adaptations included: adopting a unit-based approach, implementing application and integration assignments, presenting the material in engaging online formats (i.e., MyMediaSite slideshow lectures, video-taped classroom lectures), and designing significant test banks so that assessments could be administered online with the utmost integrity. 

Hiring Committees:  I have participated in the search and selection committees for five of my departmental colleagues: our departmental advisor, Angelique Cook; one of our full-time lecturers, Dr. Svetlana Chesser; and faculty members, Dr. Kate Rogers, Dr. Alex Zelin, and Dr. David Ferrier.

Other service to my department includes: Representative of the Department of Psychology at the 2015 & 2016 Graduate School Fairs, and the 2016 STEM Career Fair

COllege and University Service

UTC Faculty Senate - Behavioral Sciences representative (2017 - current):  I am serving a two year term as an elected divisional representative to UTC's Faculty Senate.  The Faculty Senate meets once per month to review and vote on issues related to general education, admission requirements, criteria for appointment, tenure and promotion, budget priorities, etc. The responsibilities associated with role are contained within the Faculty Senate Bylaws.

UTC Senate Admissions Committee (2016 – current):  This committee considers entering freshmen and transfer students who do not meet regular or conditional admissions standards. The committee meets frequently during both the academic year and the summer to review between four and fifteen appeals per month.

UTC Institutional Research Board (2014 – current):  The Institutional Research Board at UTC is composed of members from a variety of departments on campus.  I am pleased to be one of the representatives from the Department of Psychology.  As a member of this board, I have review between 10 and 25 IRB applications each year (my service for the 2016-2017 is documented in a letter from the IRB Chair, Dr. Amy Doolittle).  I have also had the opportunity to further my understanding of research ethics by attending several workshops and completing additional IRB certification training.

UTC Departmental Honors Committee (2014 – 2016):  Until 2016 the Departmental Honors Committee was responsible for reviewing, providing feedback on, and approving student applications for honors thesis projects (approximately 35 per year) and external supervision of the progression and completion of those projects.  During my time on this committee I was the external reviewer for four DHON student projects: Lacy Snapp - The Impact of Ekphrastic Poetry on My Writing (2014-2015), Lauren Aguilar - Adaptive Tools for Parkinson's disease (2014-2015), Olivia Dean - Millennial Skepticism and Susceptibility to Media Persuasion (2015-2016), and Daniel Johnson - Wireless Voice Amplification Device for Weak Patients (2015-2016).

UTC Student Rating of Faculty Committee (2013 – 2014):  Though now disbanded, the charge of this committee was to recommend policies, procedures and instrumentation to the Senate for the rating of faculty by students.     

UTC College of Arts and Sciences College Council Committee (2012 – 2014):  The College Council Committee reviews college award nominations and selects a recipient for each of the following award: Best Teaching by a Tenured/Tenure Track Professor, Best Teaching by an Adjunct Professor, Exemplary Research, Lifetime Research Achievement, and Award for Advising.  I served on this committee for the maximum two-year term.

Ad Hoc Service to Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: I have volunteered as a reviewer on eight grant review committees, acted as a moderator for the last two annual ReSEARCH days, reviewed, scored Provost Student Research Award applications and was a peer reviewer during the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) review of UTC.

PROFessional and Community Service

Invited Community Events:

  • Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association’s 11th Annual Conference - Brain Injury: A Disability in Disguise (April, 2016) 
  • Sigma Xi Graduate Award Ceremony (April, 2015)
  • Biology Seminar Series (September, 2014)
    • The Everyday Cognitive Impacts of Acquired Brain Injury

Academic Review: When called upon I serve as an ad hoc reviewer for Clinical Rehabilitation; Consciousness and Cognition; Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition; Biological Psychology; Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.  I have also reviewed conference presentation applications annually for the South Eastern Psychological Association (SEPA).

Evaluation Consultant: I have consulted as a project evaluator for several university and community based grant applications. These include: Real-world Additive Manufacturing Projects for Underrepresented Participants RAMP UP (2017; PI: Neslihan Alp); UTChattanooga STEM Education Noyce Scholarship Program (2017; PIs: Jennifer Ellis & Billy Elliott); The Educational Opportunity Center (2016; PI: Cynthia Long), THEC Veteran Reconnect grant (2015; PI: Linda Orth); VALOR Center of Excellence (2015; PI: Linda Orth); Mental Health First Aid (2015; PI: Elizabeth O’Brien).